Instagram Marketing Tips

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Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram's transformation from a photo-sharing platform to a full-blown marketing channel has been nothing short of remarkable. With 60% of people saying they discover new products on Instagram, brands now know that including Instagram marketing as part of their social media campaign is a necessity. If you need a competent Instagram marketing agency's services, Jumper Media is always ready to help. We are a full-service Instagram marketing agency, and with our creative Instagram marketing tips, we have helped many brands grow their following from zero to tens of thousands in record time.

What are some of your top Instagram marketing tips?

Asides the official Instagram promotion feature, you can employ many other strategies to grow your IG followers. Below are a few our top Instagram growth services:

Make your bio compelling

When any window shopper clicks on your profile, the first thing they'll come across is your bio. If it's compelling enough, they are likely to take an interest in your brand and spend more time on your page. Furthermore, your bio is the only place on Instagram where you can add a clickable link. Although you are allowed no more than 150 characters, your Instagram bio should contain all of the following:

  • A summary of what your brand is about
  • Hashtags that make your brand easy to find
  • A call-to-action
  • A clickable link that leads to your website.

Make your profile picture gram-worthy

Generally, Instagram profile pictures can only accommodate 110 × 110 pixels. Using a sleek, minimalist, and high-resolution image that will attract people to your brand is another Instagram marketing tip people often overlook. Staying minimalist is key here because many brands try to stuff too much into their profile picture. When viewed from the scroller's eyes, the content of the picture will be difficult to discern. If you want to grow your IG followers, your profile picture should be discernable even from a distance.

Create people-centric content

Brands have numerous possibilities when it comes to Instagram content. And since no one approach will always work, you should be as flexible as possible. Whatever the content style you're adopting, the general rule is to ensure the focus is on the people and not your brand. Remember, Instagram is more about visuals than anything else. Thus, your content should feature eye-popping images, crisp but short videos, and memes.

Tell your story on Instagram stories

Instagram stories are becoming as important as news feeds, if not more. For starters, they allow you to put your brand in front of your followers rather than wait for them to find you. Furthermore, Instagrammers know that the content on stories is time-sensitive. So, they're eager to view out of the fear of missing out. For the best result, your stories should feature playful content, and you should try to post daily.

Contact the leading Instagram followers services providers

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Instagram Marketing Tips