Video Game Marketing

Video Game Marketing

Getting the right players, purchases, and PR coverage requires having the right video game marketing strategy. At CloutBoost, we leverage on the power of YouTube influencers and Twitch streamers to promote brands. Through comprehensive research and analytics, our trusted experts will help develop the right video game marketing plan for your business. With this, we will help maximize your marketing campaigns and boost your ROIs.

What Is Video Game Marketing?

Video game marketing involves the use of video game elements like challenges, milestones, and rewards to market, communicate, and convince clients to reach specific business results.

Video game marketing is about content engagement in a larger and modern sense; video games make marketing and advertising more fun, engaging, and drives business results.

What Are The Importance Of Video Game Marketing For Businesses?

Do you know video games in marketing are so unique that most people (consumers) sometimes don’t even see it as marketing? With video game marketing, getting a message to customers becomes more fun. Below are some of the importance of video game marketing for businesses: 

High Engagement: Generally, games are said to have regularly achieved an average of 86%to 90% engagement rates. For a business using video games to promote its brand or product, high engagement and interaction with customers are guaranteed. 

Building Brand Awareness: Who doesn’t like games? Well, most people love it, as people tend to be intrigued by all things fun. By leveraging video games in advertising, a business can attract new customers. Also, by using elements like rewards, points, ranks, competition, and leaderboards, a business can engage their customers to like or share the brand on social media. The results of this are usually more reach, more leads and more customers 

High Conversion Rates: Video games are such a unique piece of marketing content because most people don’t see them as marketing. If your video game is fun and engaging, customers can play games and try to increase their scores. By doing this, and making use of the leaderboards element, it helps in generating leads and high conversion rates. 

Gathering Powerful Customer Data: With video game marketing, lies the ability to collect useful insights about your target audience and the performance of your games, or ads. With video game marketing, after customers must have enjoyed a game, you can show them custom forms and collect contact details and insights about your prospects in a non-intrusive way. The custom forms can include the customer’s name, email address, residence address, contact details. All of which helps a business know more about its customers and monitor user behavior. 

Choose Us for Your Video Game Marketing   

At CloutBoost, we leverage on data mining techniques to make your marketing campaigns more efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our video game marketing services. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. We will offer you the right solution that suits your budget and needs. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.